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 Woohooo, we've celebrated 25 years on the market!

Poslovni prostori

Company details

Full name EVENTUS SISTEMI racunalniška druzba d.o.o.
Short name EVENTUS SISTEMI d.o.o.
Legal form Limited liability company
Address Ukmarjeva ulica 2, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija
Owner Marko Jamnik
General manager Elvis Pozek
Court registration number 1/45975/00 - District Court of Ljubljana
Founded January 2007
Registration number 2263238
VAT number SI 29775094
Activity G 46.510 Wholesale of computers, computer peripheral equipment and software


Payment details

Bank name:       Nova ljubljanska banka d.d.
Bank address:  Trg republike 2, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
IBAN:                  SI56 0205 3025 6268 949

Official documents


or the things the time brings

Eventus Sistemi is a successor of Eventus Computers, a company founded in 1989 and successfully operated as a distributor and a service centre until 2007. It has been founded and ever since run by our visionary Marko Jamnik. You can find an awesome picture of him and those of us who help him on the page Employees.

In the year 2007 we decided to take a step forward and the newly founded company Eventus Sistemi made debut to the market in new colours. Our goal was to become better, faster, more helpful and even more beautiful. This was a new and solid foundation for further growth. It was April 1st and it was not a joke.
We kept distribution programs like Logitech, Creative, Crucial, PNY, Geil...and have reached 4 mio € revenue.

In the year 2008 nothing happened. Well not really but we have forgotten the details. Opa, Elvis has come into the building.

In the year 2009 the time had come to move into a bigger, better and brighter workplace we bought for the future. From April 1st 2009 (no joke either) you can find us here.  We became the third Logitech contract repair shop in Europe. Hooray! However the crisis came in town and our revenues shrinked all the way down to 1,6 mio €. We survived somehow.

In the year 2010 we made a massive overhaul to our webstore. Today, the site you’re visiting now is powered by Shopamine, one of the most advancedand powerful on-line shopping multimedia and multi-feature systems. And yeah, if you ask nicely we would offer this great service to you. Just contact Elvis.
We also added Wacom and Lifeview to our distribution list.
2010 was also marked by the arrival of a first Foosball table to our saloon.

In the year 2011 we all went on our collective vacation, just like all the years before. Who cares, but we liked it :)
In this year we added Razer, OCZ and Corsair to our distribution list. And more importantly - we bought our own Foosball table. Elvis is better than Peter, who is better than Jamnik. Marko is worse than Elvis. Bojan is dangerous and Žiga is way too good for us. Simona wont play. Klavdia plays sometimes. We play way too much... We can lend you the Foosball table by the way. For a month or so. Reasonable fee.

The year 2012 is a leap year. We have been working on our portfolio and added the direct cooperation with 3Dconnexion and rounded up the offer for creative profesionals. We got a new address (they renamed our street) so from April we work at Ukmarjeva ulica 2 instead of Jurckova cesta 233. Klavdija is on maternity leave and Belma took her place successfuly. We've added Samsung SSD distribution to our interesting portfolio.

We've jumped into 2013 without Peter our salesman and his Simona from our service dept leaving the company. We wish best of luck for the couple. We got two new faces on board Leon and Janko - what a refreshment of the team.
We did some homework and added a new product category of E-readers & acc and ergonomic mice and stuff from Evoluent and Bakker Elkhuizen.

The year 2014 started with optimism. We've enriched the distribution with premium brand Sennheiser (CE cluster) and added more of SanDisk flash into the portfolio. We're trying with inovative products of Penclic ali Penguin brands. There are more and more Cherry keyboards availabe by us and we've added their mice as well. We have reintroduced Socomec UPS and completely new program of Brennenstuhl with surge protection and USB chargers.
We're proud on 6 babies of Eventus employees in last two years which makes our lifes more beautiful.
At the end of the year we celebrate 25-years of Eventus and we'll prepare special promotions all the way in 2015.

2015: For the beginning Leon leaves Eventus and we cheer "good luck Štajerc". He did a great job here. Barbara comes as a replacement for Klavdija as she got pregnant again. We've added premium mechanical keyboards from Das Keyboard to the portfolio.


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